If you don’t believe Isabella Rossallini is flawless then I don’t want to be friends with you.

PS: this is from an amazing documentary on HBOGo called “About Face: Supermodels then and Now” and honestly there are some amazing things being said about diversity and body image and oh god Beverly Johnson and Bethann Hardison talking about the whiteness and Paulina Porizkova talking about communism and ugh feels.

PS: apparently it is impossible to take a random awkward screenshot of isabella rossalini and I fucking tried I tell you

Former Vice President Dick Cheney failed to anticipate the September 11 terrorist attacks and responded to them by urging the catastrophic invasion of Iraq, which will cost $6 trillion, roughly 5,000 American lives, and tens of thousands of serious injuries. In hindsight, it’s clear that Cheney’s assessment of pre-war intelligence was inept if not dishonest; that his predictions about how Iraqis would react to the U.S. invasion were dreadful; that his estimate of the cost to Americans was wildly inaccurate; and that he was partly responsible for an occupation as negligent as, say, a man on a duck hunt who shoots another man in the face.